The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra

Tribute to Frank Sinatra

In the history of the Big Bands, The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra is recognized as one of the all-time best swing orchestras in the world. With the collaboration of Paul Weston, Axel Stordahl and Sy Oliver, Tommy Dorsey created superb arrangements for his feverish dance tunes or romantic ballads that remain immortal today. Over the years The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra musicians have been the masters of creating ‘mood’ with their sentimental favorites or the upbeat tempos that got the world dancing.

Frank Sinatra’s career literally exploded with the help of Dorsey and in turn, it was Sinatra’s smooth vocals that propelled The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra to a new level of popularity! Frank often admitted that it was Tommy’s music that helped create his famous phrasing and breathing techniques and ultimately influenced his overall musical tastes and knowledge.

Stardust, Night and Day, Oh! Look at me Now, I’ll Never Smile Again, are only a few of the songs immortalized by the brilliant combination of The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and their singer Frank Sinatra … And now, this legendary Big Band, led by the excellent Terry Myers, tours the world to honor the magic of this incomparable team. With 20 of the finest musicians and singers ever assembled, this magnificent tribute to Frank Sinatra is a step back in time.

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